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About Me
I am Leslee, a Metamorphosis Coach, based in Texas.
I’m a chicken raising country girl who loves working out and is in a serious relationship with Netflix.  I’m also a survivor, who is persistently pursuing my highest self and I’m passionate about helping you do the same.   Some days I am more wolf than woman, and I am still learning how to stop apologizing for my wild
A membership site that provides more than a rainbow and sunshine experience, to help women like you shift their mindset while being guided with bluntness, sarcasm and humor. This isn’t a place where it will feel like you are sitting in a yoga room. This is a place that will transport you to the country side. Where the night sky is full of stars and no city lights, no commotion and their online place that is away from all the hustle and bustle of daily life and responsibilities.

Front Porch Talk – A blog by Leslee Hood

The Justice system is not JUST at all…..

I wrote this 2 years ago after sitting in a court room.  I still remember that day so vividly. "Having a hard time organizing my thoughts and words from the day in court. I sat in the back, with my victim counselor, and saw my attacker. I heard other cases that were...

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Sun Butter Bars

These are so easy to make and they really are so good. This is the recipe how it was written out, but below I will share with you, how I changed it up. 🥜-I no longer eat peanuts or peanut butter. They are horrible for digestion, meaning they are almost impossible to...

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J O U R N E Y 16 Months 69 Weeks 486 Days 11,680 Hours 700,801 minutes That is how long it has been since being strangled, thrown up against a wall, screamed at, thrown down on concrete, grasping for air and thinking this man was about to kill me. And still I wait. He...

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