I have never been a fan of full body pics. Mainly because I was overweight the majority of my life and it made me depressed just looking at them. I even hated shopping!

But these 2 body pics mean a lot to me. The one from February was the first time I worked out since being assaulted on Valentine’s Day. And the other is today, my 7th week of #22minutehardcorps!

It pleases me to not only see positive physical changes but to also see how far I have come emotionally and spiritually.
I have dropped a size, have more muscle definition, flatter tummy, finally sculpting the legs and a smile.

I ached so much in that first photo. From the bruises I had all over my body and the contusion on my head, it hurt to talk and swallow. I felt like I was going to throw up after that workout.

I still have hard days. I am not the same person. I hurt everyday. I cry. And go through so much more than I would like to list b

But progress has been made and that is what I am holding onto. And will continue to strive for more!

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