16 Months
69 Weeks
486 Days
11,680 Hours
700,801 minutes

That is how long it has been since being strangled, thrown up against a wall, screamed at, thrown down on concrete, grasping for air and thinking this man was about to kill me.

And still I wait. He has been free since that Valentines night. He has not suffered any consequences from him attacking me.
I can still remember finally walking up to the ambulance, getting help into the truck and then breaking down. I was hyperventilating while I was trying to answer all of their questions. I kept grabbing at my throats and could not catch my breath. To have to be string and levelheaded the whole time before then was necessary but difficult.

To finally feel “safe” allowed me to let down my walls. I even had to get out of the truck somewhat later and find my car keys. As the deputy walked with me to find them, through my swollen eyes, I saw him getting cuffed with no remorse in his eyes.

And after all this time, I am still waiting for some justice. To make sure he never does this again to someone else.
And for people who can relate (or not relate too), that even after allllll this time, I think about that night every single day of my life.

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