1:1 Coaching

I wanted to offer one on one services, because from personal experience, that intense focus from one person really does help. And these one on one services are perfect for you If you want to get better at creating boundaries, understand and start manifesting, learn some grounding or coping mechanisms, heal and overcome from a breakup, adjust to anxiety, create healthier daily habits, get back into a fitness routine, tips on climbing out of an emotional slump, wanting to shift to a positive mindset, or just want daily support and encouragement! Overall, This time with being coached and guided by me, will help you become more in tuned with living your best life as your highest self.

Soul Comfort Haven

Why did I create Soul Comfort Haven? Here is the back story:

After I was assaulted, in 2016 on Valentine’s Day, my entire life changed. Everything about me changed. Who I was before that cold and dark night, had died. That *Leslee* was a stranger to me, and I had to learn this *new* me.

So while learning about me, trying to heal, get back to a normal life, go to work, press charges, explaining what happened over and over again, waiting for all my bruises to go away, make multiple calls a day about medical bills, filling out forms for Victim Compensation, and so much more; I realized, this was going to be a very lonely process.

Not everybody understands what it’s like being assaulted, or going to court every month and seeing their attacker, or dealing with PTSD, depression, panic attacks, and anxiety. And that’s okay. That’s life. But what I did learn, is that no one should feel alone. Ever.

There are not a lot of resources available for “victims” of assaults, mental health, etc., like there are for criminals. Sad fact. But a fact that I did learn. And resources that are available, are not easy to obtain.

So I thought about what I needed, experienced, lacked, during the 2 years after the assault. And I created, Soul Comfort Haven, because I wanted women to have a place to come to, that is safe, secure, loving, encouraging, supportive, and a place where small and large victories are celebrated.

I can already see how it is going to grow and I cannot wait for that. I have just begun my journey of helping women, and bring awareness to SOUL – love, care, worth, and healing.

Beach Body

Fitness and nutrition are very important to me and I love sharing that passion with people who have any and all health goals. I have been with Beachbody for about 5 years, and even though I’ve created my own businesses, I don’t plan on ever leaving. I love the programs, and Shakeology. If you need some motivation, encouragement, and help with reaching your fitness and health goals; you can go to – Shop Fitness Programs, Nutritional Products, Gear & Apparel | Team Beachbody US and look around to see what feels right. Or you can email me at and we can chat about it more in depth and I can help you pick what I think would work best for you.