Being in business by yourself can be hard and lonely and there are definitely days where you can be overwhelmed. The past 4 weeks of working with Leslee has been like a missing piece of the puzzle. Not only has she provided me with business suggestions, Leslee has worked on my mindset- getting me more focused and giving me valuable strategies to put in place. It has been a game changer. Coming this far in only 4 weeks I’m excited to see what the next 4 weeks can bring.

Christine Innes

Working with Leslee this last month has been pretty amazing to say the least. We hit it off immediately in the first discovery call and I found myself looking forward to talking to her every week. She’s funny yet honest and her voice is so soothing.

One incredible thing is she’s starting to keep me pretty accountable on journaling (which is something I know I should do but talk myself out of because of “time constraints”) and I feel some shifts in my thought process about handling my anxiety. Also I’ve been manifesting some pretty cool things lately. Thank you Leslee for being so amazing! I’m looking forward to the next 4 weeks!


This past 4 weeks has been great for me having Leslee Hood guide me in areas of my life I have had difficulties getting in order. Having the one on one phone calls makes it great for me because I get to ask any questions I may have. I also feel more committed when I say my goals out loud. I have been feeling more prepared with all the ideas and experiences that Leslee gives me during our calls.

Also knowing she is just a text or an email away anytime I need an inspirational word is priceless. I do highly recommend Leslee to anyone who may need help in getting things in order from their lives. Cindy